South Kalimantan destroys 7,026 archives

The South Kalimantan Library and Archive Office (Dispersip) destroyed 7,026 archives from 1971 to 2005 belonging to five government agencies.

The extermination was led by Daily Executive Head of the office Ramadhan who was accompanied by the Secretary of Banjarbaru City Said Abdullah at the Archive Depot behind the City Hall in Banjarbaru, Wednesday.

“It is the duty of Dispersip to eliminate archives that have expired their storage or retention period. The destruction is by putting them in the¬†shredder,” said Ramadhan.

The five agencies, whose archives destroyed were Manpower and Transmigration, Education and Culture, the Community and Women Empowerment, Health, and also the BP-7’s archive.

The destruction of archives is carried out based on the the need of archive or the agency has been deleted, thus the stored archives are no longer used.

Banjarbaru Secretary Said Abdullah appreciated the Dispersip for the destruction of the archives. He said the city’s Library and Archive Agency can also carry out the destruction according to the archive retention period.